Colonial style historic wood house suitable for up to 6/8 people

25 acre property with 2 beaches, a beatiful flowered garden , orchard and coastal forest. Enjoy a spectacular ocean view from the veranda. Maid and cooking services included.

Things to do at Pointe Baptiste Estate

Wake at dawn and watch the sun rise and embrace the day with Natures call.

Relax and butterfly, reptile and bird-watch. Pelicans can often be seen nestling on the cliffs below the Mansion. Humming birds are a regular feature and Parrots are sometimes sighted.

Read 'Black and White Sands' by Elma Napier, while seated on the veranda.

Read any of the many books, housed in the extensive library I the sitting -room.

Paint a picture of the view to preserve the memory.

Explore a Garden Tour, investigate the gardens, tracks and paths, which are filled with a variety of trees, plants, flowers, birds, butterflies reptiles.

The Pointe Baptiste Estate

is situated in 25 acres of land. The gardens are beautifully maintained g and filled with a wide variety of trees, foliage, flowers and medicinal plants. The air is succulent, flavored with the scent from the Jasmine, Ylang-ylang and Frangipani trees. A variety of Palm trees such as; the Royal, Travelers and Celery palms can be seen in the gardens. There are many exotic fruit trees such as star fruit, Sour sop, Mango, Grapefruit, Acerola (local cherry), Pomerac (maple apple), Sugar apple, Golden apple, Banana, Tangerines, Lime, Orange, Grapefruits, Tamarind, Fat pork (coco plum) and Sea grapes to name a few. You will also see almond trees, Avocado, Bread-nut, Bread fruit, Coconut, Coffee and Cocoa trees on the Estate. Herbal and medicinal plants can also be sought in the gardens herb trees such as Neem and Moringa and herb plants such as Thyme (small and large leaf), Spinach, Patchouli and Lippia Alba: a variety of lemon balm. This garden proudly exhibits a kaleidescope of colours from the many flowers such the red Hibiscus and Ixora and the purple, orange, yellow, red and white Borgarnvilleas. The gardens are a nature lovers paradise.

Sample the infamous mouth-watering Pointe Baptiste Chocolate.

Sample a warm cup of Cocoa tea or delicious natural unsweetened ice-cream and fruit juices made from the fruit trees on the Estate.

Taste the exotic fruits grown on the Estate.

Explore the reefs.

Explore the Black and White sand beaches and the caves between.

Trek along the enormous the brilliantly coloured 'Red Rocks' and the caves, within them.

Explore turtle watching, turtles lay their eggs between March and August, at various beaches around the east coast, including those near Calibishie. These endangered species are protected in Dominica.

Watch the sun-set

Get married!

Other things to do nearby


There are many wonderful places to hike, as most of Dominicas tropical rain-forest is virgin ,uninhabitated forset. Compared with other tropical island Domonica is still a very safe place to explore as a visitor. There are also no poisious or deadly snakes or insects on the island. A Tour Guide can be arranged if necessary. Visitors unually enjoy hiking to Chaudiere, the Boiling Lake, Freshwater and Boeri Lake, Cabrits and Hot and Cold sulphur water springs.

Chaudiere Pool

One the forest retreat of Elma Napier. It used to take a three hour walk from Hampstead Bay to reach Chaudiere. Now it only takes 5 minutes walk from the road. There are many pools in the area, the deepest, the Caudron allows you to be lifted up by the bubbles from the waterfall. The pool has 4metre high rocks on each side, enabling people to jump or dive from them if inclined.

Scuba diving

Get all the information about diving in Dominica at; http://divedominica/ fax: 767 448 2188: tel: 767 448 2062:

River Walk

Explore and enjoy a walk along the Hodges or Hampstead river.

Nearby Beaches

Nearby Beaches Hodges, Batibou and Woodford Hill beach are all within easy reach.

Bird Watching

Parrots can sometimes be seen at Pointe Baptiste but you are more likely to see them if you take a trek up into the interior.


Visit local restarants and explore the flavours of authentic Dominican cuisine. There are many places to dine out in the village and nearby, some of them are listed at; http// There are many places to dine out, in the village and nearby. Some of them are listed at:


There are many wonderfull places to go. Most of the Island interieur is untouched Virgin tropical forest. Compared with many tropical places, Dominica has the advantage of being a safe place to wander in. No poisonous snakes or deadly insects. A guide can be arranged if necessary. Chaudiere, boiling lake, freshwater and boeri lake, Cabrits, Cold and hot sulphur springs