The surroundings

Here on the veranda, you can watch the hummingbirds gathering nectar from the jasmine and the bouguainvillia, or perhaps read one of the many books from the extensive library, or while swinging in a hammock enjoy a rum punch and watch the sunset. But if you decide to leave the veranda, we would like to invite you to discover our beaches, wander thru the rainforest on the way to the Red Rocks or stroll through our lovely gardens contemplating the unique variety of lush tropical flora.

The Beaches:

From the house in a short 5 to 10 minute walk, you can access to two totally different beaches.

There is the White Beach, a white sanded beach with a turquoise sea pool where you can find nowadays a bar/ restaurant called Escape on the beach.

And there is Black Beach, its sand has a unique dark blue black color filled with micro quartz crystals which sparkle with rainbow colors when the sea flows over it. This beach is more intimate because you can only access it from our paths.

And finally, there is a secret beach in between the two. You can only access it by swimming when the sea is calm, a great opportunity to admire the coral reefs and the beautiful fish.

Our gardens:

One of the most beautiful gardens in Dominica. Pointe Baptiste Estate has a wide variety of large mature trees, unique foliage, flowers, orchids and medicinal plants. The air is flavored with the scent from the Jasmine, Ylang-ylang and Frangipani trees. There are also many exotic fruit trees (such as star fruit, Sour sop, Mango, Acerola, Pomerac, Sugar apple, Golden apple, Banana, Tangerines, Lime, Tamarind, Avocado, Bread-nut, Bread fruit, Coconut, Coffee and Cocoa trees...)

The gardens are a paradise for birds, butterfly and nature lovers.

As you wander thru the Estate you will probably meet Michelle Murphy (Artist) who has recreated the Gardens for the last 20 years with the eye of a painter and her partner Lu Szumskyj (Photographer),whose camera eye reinvents the graphics of the gardens.We are very grateful for her work on the garden and for their nature inspired Art.

The Red Rocks:

Created by a former volcanic activity, the Red Rocks are a amazing place to discover and venture as well as to view the sun set on Calibishie.